Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weblog Assignment #3
AE2b Takako Niki

I saw Barbie website. You know, this site is presented for girls, and there are a lot of dress-up dolls who are beautiful princesses. Girls can change dolls’ dresses. Moreover, they can choose the color, theme, and shape of dresses or clothes that they want. They can also buy these dolls and their clothes by the internet order. They seem to be spending lots of time in this site.

In my opinion, feminists are likely to criticize this site, because they maybe think that it gives girls bad influences. I mean, girls who saw this site may think that beauty is good and I want to be beautiful like these dolls. These thoughts are easy to connect to the typical gender socialization in which beautiful women are more likely to be admired. But these opinions are the viewpoint of feminists, so in general, this site gives girls a lot of fun.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Weblog Assignment #2
AE2B Takako Niki

I saw here (GrimmFairyTales) this site. In this site, we can not only read the Grimm's fairy tales and their hisory but also play some games. And this site is produced for children so there are many characters or movies which make them fun. In history's page, we see that Brothers Grimm wrote over 200 stories but in this site, we can read only some famous stories; Brementown Musicians, Peter rabbit, and so on. When we become tired from reading stories, we can divert ourselves by playing some games.

I think this site is very fun for all generations, from children to elderly people, because we can read easily without getting bored and can also study about Brothers Gurimm or the Gtimm's fairy tale. I tried to read Brementown Musicians, which I have read in my childhood, so I remembered how it was. Most of all characters are a little scary. But in my opinion, the Grimm's fairy tales have been said to have contained some cruel scenes, so scary characters are better. Different from most Japanese web sites, this site is fashioned in characters.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

I wrote a folk tale as a homework. The title is "Omusubikororin". This is a story that is told in Japan.

Once upon a time, there were a grandfather and a grandfather who were honest. One day he went to the mountain to cut down trees. So she went there having riceballs for him. Then, she said "Honey, I bring you riceballs. Let's have a break". And she opened the pack. The next moment, a riceball was rolling down the hill. So she hastily ran after it. "Wait, wait please". But the riceball fell down in a big hole under the tree. When she wondered what she should do and looked down into the hole, she heard something murmuring. "omusubikororin, suttonton". (It means)"A riceball rolled down here". She wanted to listen more, so she looked down into the hole. But unluckily, she also fell down into the hole. When she woke p and looked around, she found the small and white mice making some sticky rices. (In Japan, we call it Mochi.) As they made those, gold was coming out.
"Wow!" She was suprised at this unbelievable view. Then an older mouse came to her and said, "We want to give you a thank-you present of a riceball. Which box do you want, the bigger one or the smaller one?" Then she said, "I can't bring back the binner one, so I'll take the smaller one". And she came home with the box. In their house, the grandfather had already came home and had been waiting for her. They opened the box together. Then there was a lot of gold and silver in it. But another grandmother who lived next door and was greedy was seeing that. The grandmother wanted to get treasures, so she threw a riceball in the hole and dived in. She said "Give many treasures, or I will imitate the call of a cat". But the next moment, the mice became angry and bit her. So she ran away saying sorry.

Moral: One should be not greedy but honest.

Friday, August 25, 2006